Nutrition Coaching

We are delighted to now offer Nutrition Coaching with, in our opinion one of the best in the UK, Richard Tucker. Coaching in this area is one of the most under utilised strategies for fat loss/athletic performance/rehab and this service is far more than just a meal plan from your local PT.

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Nutrition Coaching

Includes regular coaching time with Richard either at SSP or via Skype/telephone/email depending on the clients wants and needs, body composition analysis, nutrition and supplement guide. 

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Body Composition Anaylsis

Using state of the art equipment we can measure bodyfat, muscle mass, hydration status and resting metabolic rate. 

Also includes a consultation with our resident nutritionist, Richard Tucker and skinfold measurements if required.


Physiological Testing

We can perform Advanced Physiological Testing (RMR, RER, VO2max, Body Composition) and Lifestyle Assessment using Firstbeat HRV Data.

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