What makes SSP so different?

Every member at Surrey Strength & Performance gets the personal attention they deserve, SSP has been designed from the ground up to be client focused, with an emphasis on coaching quality.

·      Everyone is Coached – whether training in our small group personal training sessions where the coach to client ratio is no more than 1:3 for strength or 1:6 for HIIT sessions or with traditional one to one personal training, everyone at SSP is given the personal attention they deserve. Never worry about getting injured or if your technique isn’t perfect again.

·      Results Based – each session is tailored towards your goals and you’ll get high quality training that leads to genuine results.

·      Training Programs at the forefront of the Industry – Our team of coaches are highly experienced, use science driven methods and have experience training everyone from normal people to elite athletes.

·      Start at any Fitness Level – all our group sessions are scalable for complete beginners or advanced athletes.

·      We’re different – we’ve spent enough time in normal gyms to know they don’t work for 99% of people; no long contracts or joining fees, no queues for machines, no gym fails, no anonymity. 

·      Group Personal Training Schedule – we have over 50 group personal training sessions currently available with more being added.

·      Accountability – one of the reasons Personal Training works so well is accountability, which you also get as a member of our Group PT.

·      Ease of use – Download our app, book your session, turn up and train - it's that easy..!