Class Schedule 

Our classes are high energy, highly motivating, and specifically programmed to your needs! Science driven, member focused and results driven. Whether you're joining in our "Get Strong" class for a full body strength workout, our "Get Fit" class which is based on your own individual heart rate or our "Strength & Conditioning" class for some sport specific training, SSP is designed for you and your needs!



High Intensity Interval Training, these small group sessions are all about cardio. The classes are only 30Mins but we make every minute count. We use 2 rowers, 2 Ski Ergs and 2 assault bikes to raise your heart rate & burn a serious amount of calories, using heart rate monitors linked to a TV you will be able to keep track of your heart rate throughout the session. GET FIT


Build strength with a variable and progressive training program, all of our coached sessions are on a 3:1 (small group) or 1:1 (private) basis ensuring every lift is carried out with perfect technique, this maximises results and gets the most out of each session. All sessions are pre-planned and the training programs are progressed so you can see results and measure the success your making. GET STRONG


How do you get lean? Cardio and Strength combo, this is exactly what we bring you in our Get Lean small group session. We start off with a strength based block of training, followed by a HIIT session to help burn fat and show off the hard work of the strength sessions! GET LEAN  

STrength and conditioning for athletes: 

This class is built for athletes (amateur, professional and everything in between) looking to enhance their performance, reduce the risks of injuries and excel in their sport. Using nothing but sweet up to date science and tons of experience we ensure to bespoke the program to each individual. We use plyometrics, medicine balls, strength and cardio to ensure you perform at the highest level. Every Wednesday evening from 7.30pm till 9pm.

STrength and conditioning for 13-18 year olds: 

This class focuses on developing the physical capacities needed to develop youth athletes over the long term. This is a prime age to get strong to reduce injuries, increase speed & power and increase your children's athletic potential. Every Wednesday at 4pm.

Ladies that lift:

A 'Get Strong' variation with an emphasis on females. Improve strength, confidence and body composition with an emphasis on legs, glutes and abs. Maximum of 3 women per coach to ensure technique is perfect. Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday morning.

Lads that lift:

A 'Get Strong' variation with an emphasis on building muscle for men. Build a beach ready physique whilst increasing strength and technique on your lifts. Max of 3 per coach. Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 4pm.